Attention anyone with a body:

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Younger Each Day.

Finally, an exercise technology that gives your body everything it needs to look and feel amazing,
without the need for any special equipment or even a gym
— guaranteed or it's free!

Danish karate champion and body therapy innovator
creates a powerful exercise program that'll make you
stronger, healthier, and younger in body and mind.

Imagine waking up each day feeling full of energy.

Imagine looking in the mirror and being proud of what you see.

Imagine an exercise program you can do anywhere, whether you're at home or traveling, whether gyms are open or closed.

In your bare feet, on just ten square feet of space.

Imagine knowing that each time you exercise, you're

  • building muscle
  • increasing flexibility
  • improving your posture
  • burning calories
  • opening your body's "youth portals"
  • boosting your hormonal system
  • cleaning out toxins
  • conditioning your heart
  • improving your stamina
  • detoxing your organs
  • improving your ability to be present

Why do one exercise program to get stronger and another to get flexibility or mobility when you can get it all in one?

Pafei does it all.

That's why Pafei is the one exercise program you don't want to be without.

Chris Yeung

“Pafei is a unique and efficient full-body workout. I appreciate the completeness and efficiency of the workout. I came out of Pafei feeling energized. I highly recommend Pafei to anyone looking for a deep full-body workout.”

CTO, Vimbly Group

Meet Bengt, the Creator of Pafei

Bengt Valentino Andersen invented Pafei three decades ago while in his 20s.

It was around the same time that he became the European Karate Champion. As in number one, in all of Europe.

He designed Pafei to be everything his body needed to be strong, healthy, and perform at its best, in a simple, convenient workout routine.

Since then, he's been training live Pafei and BVA Yoga classes in his home town of Copenhagen, and continued to evolve the trainings.

Bengt is also the founder of the Body-SDS body therapy system. A groundbreaking, unique body treatment originally invented by Bengt's grandfather Erland, and further developed by Bengt's dad, Ole.

Bengt took everything his family had learned through generations of work, and started an education where he has now trained over 600 Body-SDS therapists.

Pafei is based on everything Bengt has learned about the human body,  from Body-SDS to being a top athlete.

Pafei-Bengt-Studio-Forearm Stretch

What do people say about it?

My story and how this came to be...

Calvin on Kovalam BeachMy name is Calvin Correli, and I'm an entrepreneur, originally from Denmark, currently living in New York City.

I discovered Bengt's work by chance in 2007 during a yoga and ayurveda trip to Kovalam Beach, India.

The boyfriend of the trip organizer had brought along a book by Bengt's dad, Ole. He was himself one of the first people trained by Bengt. I read the book, and I was hooked.

Shortly after arriving back home in Copenhagen, I had my first Body-SDS session.

Holy smokes! It was WILD!

I felt alive like never before.

I felt feelings I hadn't felt at any time before in my adult life.

Since then, I've never quit getting regular Body-SDS sessions.

After meeting my wife Nomi, who'd also been through the Body-SDS education, we started working with Bengt personally..

Bengt kept talking about something called "Pafei", saying I should do that on my own. A session is great, but it's really what you do day to day that matters the most.

Alas, I hated exercising, and I thought the name sounded silly, so I resisted. 

Eventually, though, he got me to try it. And the more I did Pafei, the more I loved it.

In the beginning, I loved it because it was so easy. Put on the video, do the stuff. No need for a gym, no need for any equipment. Just get straight to work.

Later on, I loved it for how great I felt, and how much it transformed my life.

To say that my life is better because of Pafei would be a dramatic understatement.

Calvin with Bulgarian bagPafei has improved my life in more ways than I can count.

Business. Relationship. Health. Creativity. Presence. Energy. Stamina. Strength.

I'm 46 years old, and I'm feeling younger and better in every way than I did at 26.

It's because of how much my life has been transformed that I'm so passionate about sharing Pafei with you.

I don't want you to have to wait out for as long as I did before you discover just how magical Pafei is.

That's why I approached Bengt about partnering to bring Pafei out to more people. There's nothing else like it. And we all know, there are a lot of people who could need some help with their health. It's not fair to restricted it to a small group of clued-in people in Denmark.

Because I know that if you let Pafei into your life, you, too, will be a different person.
–Calvin Correli
Founder & CEO
Simplero, Inc., BC BVA, Inc., Body Meal, Inc., and Notable Nation.

If you've been struggling to meet your fitness goals—whether it be weight loss, strength, flexibility, energy, health, or just an overall sense of well-being—it's not your fault.

Most exercise programs focus on just one thing to the exclusion of everything else.

They build muscle—but they leave you stiff and sore.

Or they do a lot of stretching and increase flexibility—but don't really make you strong, or bring up your heart rate.

Or they get your heart rate up—but don't build muscle.

Most exercise programs actually wear on the body.

They may build muscle or give you a good cardio workout.

But they don't heal your body.

They don't rebuild your body.

Pafei is more than an exercise program.

Each time you do Pafei, is like giving yourself a full body therapy session.

Pafei restores.

It heals.

It makes you younger.

It rebuilds your body from the ground up.


Most people focus mostly on their upper body. They want big "guns" so they look good.

Nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

But your body needs to be built from the bottom up.

Strong legs. Strong feet. Strong toes.

When was the last time you exercised your toe joints?

I bet the answer is "never".

But your big toe joint is actually the most important joint your the body.

Why? Because every movement starts from your big toe.

Strong toes → strong foundation → strong body → strong life!